Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Post Starring Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!

Ive always wanted to do a little beauty blog so here it goes. Im going to warn you this blog is just for fun and more for me than anything :)

So I wanted to share one of my fave companies! Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. The company use to be Suds-N-Sass but now is just a cosmetics company!

I wanted to share one of my favorite products that I have came across in the company they are the Lip Glazes

Lip Glaze Pots

Pictured in order from left to right Blue Velvet (SudsNSass Packaging) Milan, Bachelorette

Let me say that usually I am not a big fan of potted lipglosses the whole dipping a finger or a brush in something kind of gets me to a little bit. But let me tell you these are sooo worth it! I love them they are so soft and silky smooth, not sticky at all and they have good color pay off. You can also pick the flavors you would like I must admit I love this feature. The flavors I chose were Cotton Candy For the Blue Velvet, Strawberry Swirl For Milan, And White Chocolate for Bachelorette. The Cotton Candy flavor is AMAZING it smells like opening a fresh bag of Cotton Candy! These glosses sparkle different colors in different lighting kind of like a duochrome effect I loveeee blue and purple sparkles and these do not disappoint in the sparkle category. You get 4grams (.14oz) of product in each little jar for $6.00 There are currently 19 Lipglaze colors available but 6 More shades will be released on April 1st and you can also custom make your own colors with any of her shadows, bluhes or bronzers that are lip safe and those are only $1 more for your own custom shade!!

Customer Service with this company awesome fast response time with any and all questions and handwritten cards in all the orders along with free samples! Shipping doesnt disappoint either! You really cant go wrong! Now to some swatches :)

Lip Glaze Swatches
Natural Light From Top to Bottom Blue Velvet, Milan, Bachelorette

Lip Glaze Swatches
Artificial Lighting From Left to right Blue Velvet, Milan, Bachelorette

I hope my first post wasnt to bad! I am still trying to get use to taking swatch pictures or pictures in general, and I dont have the best camera but I did try to get the best quality I could and the swatches are accurate on my end!! :) I have a few more products that I am going to review from this company so stay tuned!!