Monday, September 12, 2011

My Skincare Essentials

So I wanted to share my favorite skincare items

I didnt take a picture of these but I wanted to mention them:

Cleansers - I switch between two different ones Clinique Step 3 Facial Soap - Oily & LUSH Coalface

Exfoliater - Again I have two favorites LUSH Ocean Salt & St Ives Apricot Scrub (I love abrasive scrubs that I can really feel working haha)

Clinique Clarifing Lotion 3, Philosphy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Lancome Genefique Eye, Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

These are the products that work for me, I have oily skin (if you couldnt already tell) I get the Lancome in samples and poke a tiny hole in the packet with my tweezers and push the cream out as I need it, I had a nice sales girl give me a ton of the samples and told me about that little trick so they have really lasted me! I love the Philosophy serum because its one of those products that you can see instant results, I feel the tightening part of it..I dont use this everyday but on days that I do I always get compliments on my complexion, Even from people that see me everyday!! haha so thats always nice. I use the Clinique 3 Step system because its really the only thing that keeps my skin clear..I dont have bad skin or get tons of breakouts but my skin is slightly breakout prone and I have clogged pores this system just works for me and I like how the moisturizer sinks in quickly and just all around how it makes my face feel. The Clean & Clear Spot treatment is what works for me when I do get a breakout. and if my face is having just a all around bad day I will mix a tiny bit in with my moisturizer and put it all over my face!

I highly recommend the Philosophy serum, I hate the way it smells but it really does work..and I like what it does to my skin even if that means having to wash my hands with something fruity to get through the rest of my skincare routine ;) Its worth it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playing around FOTD

So today I wanted to play around with some of my newer products ;) So I decided to do a bright colorful look!

Excuse my cropping, I (ahem my hubby) has lost my favorite tweezers and I just sent my extra pair with my little brother who is working on the road so my eyebrows are a mess and are in need of a good plucking so just dont pay attention to the crops haha ;)

Products used
Eden Primer Potion
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
Yellow, Orange and Pink From the Sleek Acid Palette
Napoleon Perdis  Color Disc Pink Slink 
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Hello Kitty Blue Sky Eyeliner
Blue from the Sleek Circus Palette
MAC Pink Opal Pigment
L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner (both waterlines)
Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Volume Mascara

Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixr
Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation 02
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 1 Luminous Radiance (undereye) 
Bare Minerals SPF 20 Concealer in Bisque (undereye)
MAC Springshine Blush Ombre as a bronzer
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
LORAC Perfectly Lit Powder - Spotlight

MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick with Calypso Minerals Twilight pressed into the lipstick

Friday, August 26, 2011

REVIEW: Essie Smooth Trick deep-conditioning Cuticle Oil

The Essie Smooth Trick is for Dry Brittle Nails It retails for around $8 and is 0.5 FL OZ or 15ml

This is in a squeeze tube bottle with a gel marker type dispenser, When I got this I just knew it was going to leak when it was pressed or with the cap on but surprisingly it doesnt its mess free & easy to use, you just pretty much draw on your cuticles with it! :)

I have terrible nails, they are paper thin, brittle and break terribly. I have never been able to grow nails, even though every woman in my family (on both sides) have nice pretty long nails! I've tried all kinds of tricks took biotin and everything nothing would ever work. This stuff is amazing! It keep my cuticles nice and smooth and hydrated they look 100x better and I grew nails!

I used this in conjunction with Grow Richer Base Coat by Essie as well but even when I would skip on the base coat this oil kept my nails strong and my cuticles pretty (something that I've never been able to get either) Its a thin oil with a faint peppermitty smell. It dries pretty quick and give my nails and cuitcles a smooth soft feeling

The Grow Richer Base Coat & The Smooth Trick are definetly staples in my nail care! I would have posted a picture of my nails, but I just cut them off! =/ ahh maybe I will show them when I post a NOTD post or something once they start growing again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REVIEW: Tarte Amazonian Clay long-wear Blush in Amused & Tipsy

Today I am going to be reviewing Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12hr blush in Tipsy & Amused! :)

What Tarte says:

For those who want an alternative blush to tarte's award-winning gel and cream cheek stains, we're now offering Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in 8 shades. Inspired by our best-selling cheek and lip stains, shades range from soft pink (dollface) to deep berry (flush). Used alone or with our best-selling natural cheek stains, this blush is sure to give you that natural glow.

The blushes retail for $25 for 5.6g / 0.20oz of product

First of all let me just say I lovee the packaging its soo cute! The compacts are plastic and are very travel friendly Ive taken them with me on 2 trips now. They also have a pretty embossing on the actual powder that is really nice and lasts Im always a sucker for packaging!

Both of these blushes are super pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. Its very easy to start looking like a baby doll if you have a heavy hand with these!

Amused Tipsy
There is a shadow at the bottom of the picture sorry! but the top half of the swatches are true to color!
Amused is a beautiful bright pink shade its my favorite blush of the moment. It gives a beautiful glow and color to the face. Amused is completely matte in the pan but transfers to the skin with a slight sheen

Tipsy is a coral/orangy shade it looks kind of scary in the pan but applies beautifully to the skin and also gives the skin a nice glow :) Tipsy does have shimmer running throughout it its not glittery or messy and applies with a sheen to the skin, you cant really tell that there is shimmer or glitter when its applied.

The colors I have are nice and bright and like I said before a little goes a long way, They should be applied with a light hand unless you just like bold in your face cheeks!

The blushes last a full day, Im not sure about 12 hours because I usually dont wear makeup for a full 12 hours unless its just by accident or I am to lazy to take "my face off"

I've done swatches of my blushes and these are unique to my collection, I couldnt find any dupes within my own, I like that they are powder and not the stains, While I love Tarte's Cheek Stains, 8 times out of 10 I reach for my powder blushes

Monday, August 22, 2011

REVIEW: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencils

First let me say that I LOVE these shadow pencils..but then again I am usually happy with most items from UD ;)

What Urban Decay says about them:

Big and blendable, this 2-in-1 waterproof 24/7 shadow pencil keeps going as long as you do. Our next generation of famous 24/7 pencils can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, or both!

They’re crease-proof, they’re waterproof… it’s the next generation of 24/7 Pencils! Our Shadow Pencils deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The new fat shape allows you to cover large areas more quickly. Use the thin tip as eyeliner, or the side of the tip as a generous swipe of eyeshadow. Luscious drop-dead shades make you feel every inch the creative type, as you blend shimmer, cream and sparkle finishes. Skip the powder shadow brushes and water – our pencils make it easier than ever to get vibrant eyeshadow looks on the go. Experiment with multiple shades layered together, then blend away for an unbelievable effect that sets and stays put. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free.

 These are like jumbo pencils they retail for $20 and come with 2.8g 0.10 oz of product

I have 4 colors  (descriptions from
Midnight Cowboy  - beige with silver sparkle
Morphine - light purple with pale blue shift
Delinquent - dark purple with bright purple sparkle
Clash - bright turquoise with silver sparkle

Midnight Cowboy is a very pretty shade - If you dont like the eyeshadow version of this give this pencil a try..You are sure to love it ;) It does have the glitters/shimmers in it but they stay put and you are left with the prettiness and none of the fall out. You cant go wrong ;) 

Morphine is a absolutely gorgeous color, Its duochromey and makes MAC's Stars and Rockets eyeshadow pop ;) Its probably my favorite to look at!

Delinquent is like a blackened purple with like the description says bright purple sparkles..Its awesome
Clash is a very bright turquoise blue color and its just beautiful!

All of the shades are gorgeous and very pigmented. They are creamy and they dont pull or tug at your sensitive eye area. I obviously have nothing bad to say about them! haha! These do not smudge or budge after they are dried, they stay put even if you rub them..I am sitting here now trying to smudge them and rubbing my finger across the swatches on my hand and instead of fading or smearing into each other I think they are actually getting brighter!! haha gotta love Urban Decay!

The colors I have do have shimmer..The only one that doesnt have shimmer is the morphine color but it does have a sheen, So if you dont like shimmer or glitter you may not like these shadows, The glitters dont spread smudge or run and are apart of the actual pencil but if you are a all matte girl might want to check out other shades instead of the ones Ive shown here ;) 

I seriously want all of the colors of these shadow pencils. They are wonderful, quick and easy! You cant go wrong!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base Vs Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

I have had both primers since May. I have been testing, swatching and rubbing trying to find a difference or a complaint..Ive only found subtle differences and I still havent come up with a complaint!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $18 0.35oz

LA Splash Shadow Sealer/Base $6.99 0.3fl oz

Too Faced Glitter Glue is a squeeze tube while the LA Splash has a doe foot (with a very long handle I might add)

 <-- LA Spash on the Right & Too Faced on the Left.

They are pretty different in texture the LA Splash is more liquidy than the Too Faced. The Too Faced feels more like a thick cream kind of similar to what eyelash glue feels like but not as thin. They both get that tacky feel after a few seconds but the TF feels more tacky than the LA Splash the LA Splash while it gets the tacky feel still has a smooth feeling to it. LA Splash also has a green herbly smell to it, Its not over powering or bothersome just caught me off guard a bit. The TF has no smell.

<- LA Splash on the right TF on the Left
Here I have them swatched with different kinds of glitters the first glitter is Kiss My Sass Pixie Dust in Tink, Second is MAC 3D Silver, Third is Jerome Russell Pixie Sparkle and is just a pink color, and the last one is NYX Glitter Mania in a purple color (sorry these just dont have names anywhere on the bottle)

Both the TF & The LA Splash hold the glitter amazingly well. I used LA Slash on my 21st bday with MAC 3D Silver and it didnt budge what so ever the whole night, Even when I would touch my eyes. When swatched on the hand you can rub the glitter and it stays, They both work amazingly well. And you really cant tell a difference.

 I also use these on regular shadows that may have shimmers or glitters not just straight glitter. It works better than just a regular primer and keeping the glitters or shimmers in place. When I  have used the TF I have always just used it under colors, when I use the LA Splash I use it both under and on top of eyeshadows (that is if I am layering glitter or another shadow on top to give it an extra pop) I just feel more comfortable using the LA Splash because it is a thinner consistency and doesn't get tacky as fast as the TF one It gives me time to blend into the other shadow to place the other one on top. I havent noticed any creasing issues with either one of these they are really like glue and keep everything in one place, I also dont have fall out or glitter all over my face by the time I'm ready to remove my makeup it just stays where I have put it.

So really theres no much of a difference in these products that I can tell, They both work amazingly and the same at holding the glitter/shadow in place. The main differences would be price, squeeze tube & doe foot applicators, the smell that the LA Splash has and the consistency. If you dont wear glitter all that much and you want something quick and easy I would say go for the LA Splash. If you are a fan of Too Faced and prefer the squeeze tube then its also amazing. Its really all up to personal preference because both of these products work pretty much the same.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

If all my makeup disappeared....

What would be the 10 products I would go straight out and repurchase :) I originally saw this tag on blushisthenewblack shes sooo cute I <3 her! anyway my iPhone has been messed up and I just got my replacement in so while Im getting everything set back up and cant really take pics yet I figured I would do this little tag just for fun :)

Number - Bye Bye Under Eye by iT Cosmetics This is my favorite concealer it works miracles :)

Number Two - Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette just because I would have to have some colored eyeshadows at least plus the packaging is super cute!!

Number Three - Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused - Loveee this blush!!

Number Four - Urban Decay Naked Palette - We all know what this is but seriously if all of my eyeshadows disappeared I could get away with just this palette for my brows and neutral days :)

Number Five - Stila Smudgestick in Stingray - Ive tried every eyeliner under the sea this one stays on my waterline like no other (yes even better than UD 24/7 liners) and its very creamy :)

Number Six - Kiss my Sass Cosmetics Lip Scrub Lush has got nothing on kiss my sass let me tell ya - The stuff is awesome and you can pick your scents super cheap and you get a huge part its hot pink & the owner is super sweet :)

Number Seven - MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick - I probably couldnt even afford or want to pay what this lipstick goes for so if my collection does disappear I hope this baby somehow doesnt ;)

Number Eight - LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer - Sure I use other primers but this stuff can do everything if I had a limited budget and wanted everything else listed I would pass up UDPP, NARS smudge proof etc and just get this its really two in one keeps all my glitters and shimmers on without fallout and works great with everyday shadows as well and its way cheaper than the others ;)

Number Nine - Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy 24/7 Shadow Pencil - Love this if I am in rush I can just apply this I have color and glitter fast how can you go wrong?! It also makes a great base for other colors - even the brights ;)

Number Ten - Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Lemon Chamomile - I get chapped lips like no other Ive tried all the drugstore stuff and a few of the high end nothing holds a candle to Jack Black seriously love the stuff and the scent is awesome

So obviously I dont have a holy grail foundation (sighh) and I wouldnt have any of my bright eyeshadows (super bummer) :/ ahhh! Well hopefully my cosmetics wont just up and walk away and if they do my wallet and I both might have to look into some therapy sessions :)

I tag everyone..if you do this let me know because I want to see what your ten things you would just have to go out and buy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH Happy Hippy Sister?

LUSH's Happy Hippy is my hands down fave shower gel. It was my first huge bottle from them and I still love it to this day. I am a fan of everything grapefruit, I love to eat them, smell like them, drink their name it I love it.

So last week while browsing the aisles of Wally World looking for the hubby a new shower gel I stumbled across this beauty
Now, I know it says pomegranate and orange zest but trust me this smells like grapefruits when you are in the shower. Now its not a exact dupe of the Happy Hippy (oh how I wish it was) Happy Hippy retails for $9.95-$26.95! You can get Clean & Clear Charge Body wash for around or under $6! (Happy Hippy is labeled as a Shower Gel/Shampoo Charge is just labeled as a body wash)

So if you are in love with HH like I am..and you are also like me and dont live like a LUSH and dont want to order online..Charge will kill the lemming until you are able to get your hands on it :)

Ive always loved Clean & Clear products when I was younger and allowed to start getting beauty/skincare products with my allowance money I always got something from Clean & Clear even if it was just the Oil Blotting Sheets, Or a new face wash or whatever so I am glad to see that the brand is now making body washes that actually smell great :) Now if only I got allowance again! ;)

Have a great day!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Dry Shampoo Holy Grail Status andddd its Drug Store?!!!

So first of all let me say I am a Dry Shampoo queen. I have oily, natural curly, thick, hate to go through the hassle of washing it all the time hair. It takes forever to dry and if I am going to wear it down I straighten it and even with a great straightener it still takes forever (or so it seems) and in the summer the last thing I want to be bothered with is my hair. (Its crazy I can spend hours on my makeup, but when it comes to my hair, I have no patience!) So it usually just gets thrown up in a cute/messy updo and I go about my day. So dry shampoo is my best friend, I was my hair about 2x a week, I use my dry shampoos on the other days. That being said Im going to give you a little background on my dry shampoo adventures.

Within the last 6 Months Ive tried..mark, Tresemme, Oscar Blandi (the powder and spray), TiGi Rockaholic, Samy.

First of all the Tresemme & mark did absolutely NOTHING for me! It didnt even have that powdery type spray most of the shampoos have, It just felt like I was spraying hair spray in my hair I tried them over and over and couldnt get them to work, they pretty much made my hair worse. The mark one had a gross manly scent, that both I and my hubby hated..But I gave it to my BFF that at the time was working in the food industry where she had to wear a hat and she loved to soo to each their own (she didnt have oily hair though)

Oscar Blandi did the job but I didnt like the smell..and smells stick in your hair and I apparently am very sensitive to smell! The powder is messy but seemed to work a little better than the spray. This brand can get a little pricey as well

TiGi & Samy have been my go tos. Samy is a little bit harder for me to find..its a hit or miss at the ULTAs near me.

The TiGi is pretty easy to find but does have a kind of steep price tag, My first can I bought of this somehow evaporated as well. I havent had that problem again but its something I tend to look out for. It has a citrus scent and does a great job at what its suppose to do. note to Dark haired girls this will leave a white sheen over your hair if you do not rub it in it I usually give my hair a good spray all over work it into my roots with my fingertips and brush it through and Im good to go. But this isnt one where you can just spray it over and run out the door. Ive seen this for about $18-23 but sometimes Ulta runs a great BOGO sale and this kind of makes it worth it

The Samy has a great scent and again does a great job at what its suppose to do, but if you put to much of this in your hair you have a thick weird heavy feeling in your hair so less is really more with this one. Its about $7 at the ultas Ive found it at.

Now onto my new HG.

Suave (YES I just said SUAVE ladies!) This is a rather new product thats in with their professionals line.

What it says on the bottle:
Salon Proven to refresh hair as well as Rene Furterer
Absorbs Oil and Refreshes between washes

Salon Quality
This Dry Shampoo Spray, With Mineral clay, Refreshes hair to prevent a greasy feel between washes.

Let me say that I put this $2.75 Dry Shampoo to the test. I let my hair get oily..really oily. (I hated it but I wanted to give this a real shot) and let me say it put all of the other Dry Shamppos I have EVER had to shame. It has an amazing citrus fruity scent, It doesnt leave a residue or white sheen over my hair and after its rubbed in and brushed through; My hair looks like I just washed and styled it. It gives the right amount of volume, and my hair smells great!! I loveeeeee this stuff. You cant beat it for the price ($2.75 for 5oz) and it does an amazing job..Good job Suave you've got my attention!!

I havent tried the Dry Shampoo that its compared to, but this sucker works and works well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rambling + Small Mailbox Treausre

This is going to be a boring blog without any pics..err sorry!

So I have been slacking hardcore on this blog..Things have just been wild here on my end of the world. I cant seem to catch up and on days I think I might have caught up all I want to do is lay in bed and catch up on Dexter!

So I have a big vacation coming up to visit my hubbys family. And after that, I promise I will put more time and effort into this blog because this is something I want to do!!

And to make this Blog post beauty related I will tell you what I got in the Mail today!! Just because Im super excited about it

OPI Blue Shatter & OPI Turquoise Shatter! They are amazingly pretty! I dont have pics yet but until I do xsparkage has a post with really good swatches on her actual nails.

I <3 Shatter. Im wasnt a really big fan of the China Glaze ones, or the Sally Hansen ones (I really didnt like the SH ones actually. I usually love the line but for some reason those just didnt work with me) But in all reality Im a OPI girl at heart so that could contribute to my dislike ;)

Have a great week guys!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random Products Of the Moment

Ive always liked this little survey thing, I did it on my personal blog awhile back when I was actually blogging and they are always fun to look back on because the products are really never the same!

Shampoo: I started using the Vivid & In the loop Shampoo Bars from FCS but before I used Lush's Happy Hippy

Conditioner: I dont have to use Conditioner with the bars but before I used some Pantene one.

Treatments: The only thing I use that might be considered a treatment is the Chi Silk Infusion

Styling products: Chi 44 Iron Guard, John Freida Curling Gel, John Frieda Scrunch Spray

Styling Tools: Science Tools Straightner

Shower Gel: This changes every time I take a shower pretty much, I use Soaps more than Gels actually.

Body moisturizer: I am using the FCS Whipped Cream (LOVEEE) but before that it was the BBW Vanilla Bean Noel Cream

Deodorant: Secret Mystic Melon

Fake Tan: Nada.

Cleanser: Clinique Bar Soap

Exfoliator: St Ives Apricot Scrub <3

Primer: I switch around and use different ones or a mixture of two or so but lately Ive been using the Smashbox primer and I like it a lot.

Foundation: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid

Foundation brush: I usually use my fingers but when I use a brush I use my MAC 187 or one of my sigma brushes.

Concealer: My most used concealers are Hard Candy Glamafauge, Hard Candy Undercover Agent, Clinique Quick Corrector and the Garnier Anti Dark Circle Rollerball

Blusher: This changes every time I do my makeup but my top 3 faves at the moment would be Benefit Coralista, Rock & Republic Tease, and MAC Ripe Peach

Bronzer: MAC Springshine Ombre

Highlighter: NARS Albatross or MAC Truth & Light

Eyeshadow base: UDPP or NARS Smudge Proof

Eyeshadows: UD Naked Palette, Sugarpill Stella, MAC Pink Opal (this also changes daily)

Eyeliner: Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray

Curler: ELF

Mascara: Maybelline One By One, Blinc, Rimmel Day To Night

Brows: Some Cosmetic School Pencil I got in a swap from it doesnt have a name or else I would list it because it is awesome.

Lipstick: Most worn at the moment MAC Fashion Mews, L'Oreal Azalea, MAC Viva Glam GaGa 1&2
Lipgloss: LORAC Vivid, MAC Viva Glam GaGa 1&2, Kiss My Sass Blue Velvet, Buxom April

Nail Colour: I just took Zoya Adina off, but my nail color always depends on my mood so it changes quite frequently. But I stick with Glitters, Blues & Purples for the most part ;)

If you want to do this comment and let me know that you did would love to be nose-y and read other peoples fave products =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Impressions: Fortune Cookie Soap!

Today was a awesome mail day :)

I got my order from after some torture from that husband of mine who told me that the package wasnt delivered today and must have gotten lost!

So I have wanted to order from this company for awhile now but I was waiting for the second release of the Spring Collection So this is what I got:


Ahhh look at that prettiness! :]

I havent used any of the products yet so I cant say how they do in real showertime (YET) but the smells are amazing!

Fortune Cookies!

They are so cute! They are hollow on the inside so they have cute little fortunes in them as well!


Holo Glitter too?! Loveeee Pictured above is Vivid and below is Blue Cotton Candy


So this is the list of things I got along with a few first impressions of each thing.
Cola Fortune Cookie - Smells exactly like Coke, You can even pick up on the fizziness! Amazing.

Sweet Tart Martini Fortune Cookie Soap - Not my fave but a very mild sweet scent smells very similar to the sweet tarts candy.

Vivid Fortune Cookie - Smells exactly like Fruit Punch amazing :) (One of my faves) I also got the Vivid Shampoo Bar and it smells exactly the same, Doesnt have the holo glitter in it though

Blue Cotton Candy Fortune Cookie - In my opinion it doesnt smell that much like Blue Cotton Candy..It kind of has a clean soapy sweet smell not bad just not what I was expecting

The Candy Addict Fortune Cookie - This is actually one of my favorites as well. I love all things super sweet which is what I was expecting when I ordered this but surprisingly its not that super sugary sweet its very lightly sweet but still has something that makes me fall in love with it that I cant quite put my finger on just yet.

Buttered Popcorn Movie Night Fortune Cookie - This smells exactly like the Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly!

Strawberry Bar Soap - Love this one as well, It smells like that typical beauty product strawberry but with a hint of something else, and it has strawberry seeds in it too! Very cute.

Cherry Limeade Bar Soap - Smells just like the sonic cherry limeades (yum!)

In the Loop Bar Soap - Smells exactly like a bowl of fruit loops delicious! Another one of my favorites I also got the Whipped Body Butter and the Shampoo bar that smells the same..Love all 3 products.

Blueberry Bar Soap - This soap is one of those loofa soap things, It smells like Blueberry candy to me..Love it.

I also got the Cupcake bar soap but it was left out accidentally! I have contacted the company and hope to hear back from them soon.

They sent a sample of their something Tropical Whipped Body Cream along with my order and the name says it all it is a very tropical scent would be great for spring and summer!

I also added the soap dish to one of my soaps so I got a discount for it and I got the exfoliating soap saver. The dish is a wooden dish with grooves and 4 holes to keep the water and moisture away from your shampoo bars and soaps. Its a pretty good size you can fit a bar and a soap on it at the same time. The Soap Saver is like a little bag that has a draw string kind of like a washcloth and a loofa mixed together and turned into a bag or something like that lol Its to put the fortune cookies in when they start to break down so you get every last use out of your soap, and this is washable you just throw it in your washer and use it over and over again!

I ordered Last Friday during the evening, and got the products today..Thats pretty fast processing and shipping if you ask me. I must admit I was glued to the usps website tracking my order to see when it would arrive, I was so excited!

I would definitely recommend this company so far, the products seem to have high quality and the scents are accurate to the descriptions online they definitely have the cute factor and the prices seem to be average to other soap companies. If you sign up for their newsletter you get a instant coupon for 10% off so you cant go wrong there if you are wanting to try a couple things out, all orders $74 and over have free shipping but Shipping costs are pretty standard and products come packaged very well. I really have no complaints thus far, and dont plan to have any! =)

I will be reviewing the products more in depth once I have had a chance to actually use them, So stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Post Starring Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!

Ive always wanted to do a little beauty blog so here it goes. Im going to warn you this blog is just for fun and more for me than anything :)

So I wanted to share one of my fave companies! Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. The company use to be Suds-N-Sass but now is just a cosmetics company!

I wanted to share one of my favorite products that I have came across in the company they are the Lip Glazes

Lip Glaze Pots

Pictured in order from left to right Blue Velvet (SudsNSass Packaging) Milan, Bachelorette

Let me say that usually I am not a big fan of potted lipglosses the whole dipping a finger or a brush in something kind of gets me to a little bit. But let me tell you these are sooo worth it! I love them they are so soft and silky smooth, not sticky at all and they have good color pay off. You can also pick the flavors you would like I must admit I love this feature. The flavors I chose were Cotton Candy For the Blue Velvet, Strawberry Swirl For Milan, And White Chocolate for Bachelorette. The Cotton Candy flavor is AMAZING it smells like opening a fresh bag of Cotton Candy! These glosses sparkle different colors in different lighting kind of like a duochrome effect I loveeee blue and purple sparkles and these do not disappoint in the sparkle category. You get 4grams (.14oz) of product in each little jar for $6.00 There are currently 19 Lipglaze colors available but 6 More shades will be released on April 1st and you can also custom make your own colors with any of her shadows, bluhes or bronzers that are lip safe and those are only $1 more for your own custom shade!!

Customer Service with this company awesome fast response time with any and all questions and handwritten cards in all the orders along with free samples! Shipping doesnt disappoint either! You really cant go wrong! Now to some swatches :)

Lip Glaze Swatches
Natural Light From Top to Bottom Blue Velvet, Milan, Bachelorette

Lip Glaze Swatches
Artificial Lighting From Left to right Blue Velvet, Milan, Bachelorette

I hope my first post wasnt to bad! I am still trying to get use to taking swatch pictures or pictures in general, and I dont have the best camera but I did try to get the best quality I could and the swatches are accurate on my end!! :) I have a few more products that I am going to review from this company so stay tuned!!