Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH Happy Hippy Sister?

LUSH's Happy Hippy is my hands down fave shower gel. It was my first huge bottle from them and I still love it to this day. I am a fan of everything grapefruit, I love to eat them, smell like them, drink their name it I love it.

So last week while browsing the aisles of Wally World looking for the hubby a new shower gel I stumbled across this beauty
Now, I know it says pomegranate and orange zest but trust me this smells like grapefruits when you are in the shower. Now its not a exact dupe of the Happy Hippy (oh how I wish it was) Happy Hippy retails for $9.95-$26.95! You can get Clean & Clear Charge Body wash for around or under $6! (Happy Hippy is labeled as a Shower Gel/Shampoo Charge is just labeled as a body wash)

So if you are in love with HH like I am..and you are also like me and dont live like a LUSH and dont want to order online..Charge will kill the lemming until you are able to get your hands on it :)

Ive always loved Clean & Clear products when I was younger and allowed to start getting beauty/skincare products with my allowance money I always got something from Clean & Clear even if it was just the Oil Blotting Sheets, Or a new face wash or whatever so I am glad to see that the brand is now making body washes that actually smell great :) Now if only I got allowance again! ;)

Have a great day!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Dry Shampoo Holy Grail Status andddd its Drug Store?!!!

So first of all let me say I am a Dry Shampoo queen. I have oily, natural curly, thick, hate to go through the hassle of washing it all the time hair. It takes forever to dry and if I am going to wear it down I straighten it and even with a great straightener it still takes forever (or so it seems) and in the summer the last thing I want to be bothered with is my hair. (Its crazy I can spend hours on my makeup, but when it comes to my hair, I have no patience!) So it usually just gets thrown up in a cute/messy updo and I go about my day. So dry shampoo is my best friend, I was my hair about 2x a week, I use my dry shampoos on the other days. That being said Im going to give you a little background on my dry shampoo adventures.

Within the last 6 Months Ive tried..mark, Tresemme, Oscar Blandi (the powder and spray), TiGi Rockaholic, Samy.

First of all the Tresemme & mark did absolutely NOTHING for me! It didnt even have that powdery type spray most of the shampoos have, It just felt like I was spraying hair spray in my hair I tried them over and over and couldnt get them to work, they pretty much made my hair worse. The mark one had a gross manly scent, that both I and my hubby hated..But I gave it to my BFF that at the time was working in the food industry where she had to wear a hat and she loved to soo to each their own (she didnt have oily hair though)

Oscar Blandi did the job but I didnt like the smell..and smells stick in your hair and I apparently am very sensitive to smell! The powder is messy but seemed to work a little better than the spray. This brand can get a little pricey as well

TiGi & Samy have been my go tos. Samy is a little bit harder for me to find..its a hit or miss at the ULTAs near me.

The TiGi is pretty easy to find but does have a kind of steep price tag, My first can I bought of this somehow evaporated as well. I havent had that problem again but its something I tend to look out for. It has a citrus scent and does a great job at what its suppose to do. note to Dark haired girls this will leave a white sheen over your hair if you do not rub it in it I usually give my hair a good spray all over work it into my roots with my fingertips and brush it through and Im good to go. But this isnt one where you can just spray it over and run out the door. Ive seen this for about $18-23 but sometimes Ulta runs a great BOGO sale and this kind of makes it worth it

The Samy has a great scent and again does a great job at what its suppose to do, but if you put to much of this in your hair you have a thick weird heavy feeling in your hair so less is really more with this one. Its about $7 at the ultas Ive found it at.

Now onto my new HG.

Suave (YES I just said SUAVE ladies!) This is a rather new product thats in with their professionals line.

What it says on the bottle:
Salon Proven to refresh hair as well as Rene Furterer
Absorbs Oil and Refreshes between washes

Salon Quality
This Dry Shampoo Spray, With Mineral clay, Refreshes hair to prevent a greasy feel between washes.

Let me say that I put this $2.75 Dry Shampoo to the test. I let my hair get oily..really oily. (I hated it but I wanted to give this a real shot) and let me say it put all of the other Dry Shamppos I have EVER had to shame. It has an amazing citrus fruity scent, It doesnt leave a residue or white sheen over my hair and after its rubbed in and brushed through; My hair looks like I just washed and styled it. It gives the right amount of volume, and my hair smells great!! I loveeeeee this stuff. You cant beat it for the price ($2.75 for 5oz) and it does an amazing job..Good job Suave you've got my attention!!

I havent tried the Dry Shampoo that its compared to, but this sucker works and works well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rambling + Small Mailbox Treausre

This is going to be a boring blog without any pics..err sorry!

So I have been slacking hardcore on this blog..Things have just been wild here on my end of the world. I cant seem to catch up and on days I think I might have caught up all I want to do is lay in bed and catch up on Dexter!

So I have a big vacation coming up to visit my hubbys family. And after that, I promise I will put more time and effort into this blog because this is something I want to do!!

And to make this Blog post beauty related I will tell you what I got in the Mail today!! Just because Im super excited about it

OPI Blue Shatter & OPI Turquoise Shatter! They are amazingly pretty! I dont have pics yet but until I do xsparkage has a post with really good swatches on her actual nails.

I <3 Shatter. Im wasnt a really big fan of the China Glaze ones, or the Sally Hansen ones (I really didnt like the SH ones actually. I usually love the line but for some reason those just didnt work with me) But in all reality Im a OPI girl at heart so that could contribute to my dislike ;)

Have a great week guys!!