Monday, September 12, 2011

My Skincare Essentials

So I wanted to share my favorite skincare items

I didnt take a picture of these but I wanted to mention them:

Cleansers - I switch between two different ones Clinique Step 3 Facial Soap - Oily & LUSH Coalface

Exfoliater - Again I have two favorites LUSH Ocean Salt & St Ives Apricot Scrub (I love abrasive scrubs that I can really feel working haha)

Clinique Clarifing Lotion 3, Philosphy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Lancome Genefique Eye, Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

These are the products that work for me, I have oily skin (if you couldnt already tell) I get the Lancome in samples and poke a tiny hole in the packet with my tweezers and push the cream out as I need it, I had a nice sales girl give me a ton of the samples and told me about that little trick so they have really lasted me! I love the Philosophy serum because its one of those products that you can see instant results, I feel the tightening part of it..I dont use this everyday but on days that I do I always get compliments on my complexion, Even from people that see me everyday!! haha so thats always nice. I use the Clinique 3 Step system because its really the only thing that keeps my skin clear..I dont have bad skin or get tons of breakouts but my skin is slightly breakout prone and I have clogged pores this system just works for me and I like how the moisturizer sinks in quickly and just all around how it makes my face feel. The Clean & Clear Spot treatment is what works for me when I do get a breakout. and if my face is having just a all around bad day I will mix a tiny bit in with my moisturizer and put it all over my face!

I highly recommend the Philosophy serum, I hate the way it smells but it really does work..and I like what it does to my skin even if that means having to wash my hands with something fruity to get through the rest of my skincare routine ;) Its worth it!

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