Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Impressions: Fortune Cookie Soap!

Today was a awesome mail day :)

I got my order from after some torture from that husband of mine who told me that the package wasnt delivered today and must have gotten lost!

So I have wanted to order from this company for awhile now but I was waiting for the second release of the Spring Collection So this is what I got:


Ahhh look at that prettiness! :]

I havent used any of the products yet so I cant say how they do in real showertime (YET) but the smells are amazing!

Fortune Cookies!

They are so cute! They are hollow on the inside so they have cute little fortunes in them as well!


Holo Glitter too?! Loveeee Pictured above is Vivid and below is Blue Cotton Candy


So this is the list of things I got along with a few first impressions of each thing.
Cola Fortune Cookie - Smells exactly like Coke, You can even pick up on the fizziness! Amazing.

Sweet Tart Martini Fortune Cookie Soap - Not my fave but a very mild sweet scent smells very similar to the sweet tarts candy.

Vivid Fortune Cookie - Smells exactly like Fruit Punch amazing :) (One of my faves) I also got the Vivid Shampoo Bar and it smells exactly the same, Doesnt have the holo glitter in it though

Blue Cotton Candy Fortune Cookie - In my opinion it doesnt smell that much like Blue Cotton Candy..It kind of has a clean soapy sweet smell not bad just not what I was expecting

The Candy Addict Fortune Cookie - This is actually one of my favorites as well. I love all things super sweet which is what I was expecting when I ordered this but surprisingly its not that super sugary sweet its very lightly sweet but still has something that makes me fall in love with it that I cant quite put my finger on just yet.

Buttered Popcorn Movie Night Fortune Cookie - This smells exactly like the Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly!

Strawberry Bar Soap - Love this one as well, It smells like that typical beauty product strawberry but with a hint of something else, and it has strawberry seeds in it too! Very cute.

Cherry Limeade Bar Soap - Smells just like the sonic cherry limeades (yum!)

In the Loop Bar Soap - Smells exactly like a bowl of fruit loops delicious! Another one of my favorites I also got the Whipped Body Butter and the Shampoo bar that smells the same..Love all 3 products.

Blueberry Bar Soap - This soap is one of those loofa soap things, It smells like Blueberry candy to me..Love it.

I also got the Cupcake bar soap but it was left out accidentally! I have contacted the company and hope to hear back from them soon.

They sent a sample of their something Tropical Whipped Body Cream along with my order and the name says it all it is a very tropical scent would be great for spring and summer!

I also added the soap dish to one of my soaps so I got a discount for it and I got the exfoliating soap saver. The dish is a wooden dish with grooves and 4 holes to keep the water and moisture away from your shampoo bars and soaps. Its a pretty good size you can fit a bar and a soap on it at the same time. The Soap Saver is like a little bag that has a draw string kind of like a washcloth and a loofa mixed together and turned into a bag or something like that lol Its to put the fortune cookies in when they start to break down so you get every last use out of your soap, and this is washable you just throw it in your washer and use it over and over again!

I ordered Last Friday during the evening, and got the products today..Thats pretty fast processing and shipping if you ask me. I must admit I was glued to the usps website tracking my order to see when it would arrive, I was so excited!

I would definitely recommend this company so far, the products seem to have high quality and the scents are accurate to the descriptions online they definitely have the cute factor and the prices seem to be average to other soap companies. If you sign up for their newsletter you get a instant coupon for 10% off so you cant go wrong there if you are wanting to try a couple things out, all orders $74 and over have free shipping but Shipping costs are pretty standard and products come packaged very well. I really have no complaints thus far, and dont plan to have any! =)

I will be reviewing the products more in depth once I have had a chance to actually use them, So stay tuned!

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