Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH Happy Hippy Sister?

LUSH's Happy Hippy is my hands down fave shower gel. It was my first huge bottle from them and I still love it to this day. I am a fan of everything grapefruit, I love to eat them, smell like them, drink their name it I love it.

So last week while browsing the aisles of Wally World looking for the hubby a new shower gel I stumbled across this beauty
Now, I know it says pomegranate and orange zest but trust me this smells like grapefruits when you are in the shower. Now its not a exact dupe of the Happy Hippy (oh how I wish it was) Happy Hippy retails for $9.95-$26.95! You can get Clean & Clear Charge Body wash for around or under $6! (Happy Hippy is labeled as a Shower Gel/Shampoo Charge is just labeled as a body wash)

So if you are in love with HH like I am..and you are also like me and dont live like a LUSH and dont want to order online..Charge will kill the lemming until you are able to get your hands on it :)

Ive always loved Clean & Clear products when I was younger and allowed to start getting beauty/skincare products with my allowance money I always got something from Clean & Clear even if it was just the Oil Blotting Sheets, Or a new face wash or whatever so I am glad to see that the brand is now making body washes that actually smell great :) Now if only I got allowance again! ;)

Have a great day!


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