Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rambling + Small Mailbox Treausre

This is going to be a boring blog without any pics..err sorry!

So I have been slacking hardcore on this blog..Things have just been wild here on my end of the world. I cant seem to catch up and on days I think I might have caught up all I want to do is lay in bed and catch up on Dexter!

So I have a big vacation coming up to visit my hubbys family. And after that, I promise I will put more time and effort into this blog because this is something I want to do!!

And to make this Blog post beauty related I will tell you what I got in the Mail today!! Just because Im super excited about it

OPI Blue Shatter & OPI Turquoise Shatter! They are amazingly pretty! I dont have pics yet but until I do xsparkage has a post with really good swatches on her actual nails.

I <3 Shatter. Im wasnt a really big fan of the China Glaze ones, or the Sally Hansen ones (I really didnt like the SH ones actually. I usually love the line but for some reason those just didnt work with me) But in all reality Im a OPI girl at heart so that could contribute to my dislike ;)

Have a great week guys!!

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