Saturday, August 20, 2011

LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base Vs Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

I have had both primers since May. I have been testing, swatching and rubbing trying to find a difference or a complaint..Ive only found subtle differences and I still havent come up with a complaint!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $18 0.35oz

LA Splash Shadow Sealer/Base $6.99 0.3fl oz

Too Faced Glitter Glue is a squeeze tube while the LA Splash has a doe foot (with a very long handle I might add)

 <-- LA Spash on the Right & Too Faced on the Left.

They are pretty different in texture the LA Splash is more liquidy than the Too Faced. The Too Faced feels more like a thick cream kind of similar to what eyelash glue feels like but not as thin. They both get that tacky feel after a few seconds but the TF feels more tacky than the LA Splash the LA Splash while it gets the tacky feel still has a smooth feeling to it. LA Splash also has a green herbly smell to it, Its not over powering or bothersome just caught me off guard a bit. The TF has no smell.

<- LA Splash on the right TF on the Left
Here I have them swatched with different kinds of glitters the first glitter is Kiss My Sass Pixie Dust in Tink, Second is MAC 3D Silver, Third is Jerome Russell Pixie Sparkle and is just a pink color, and the last one is NYX Glitter Mania in a purple color (sorry these just dont have names anywhere on the bottle)

Both the TF & The LA Splash hold the glitter amazingly well. I used LA Slash on my 21st bday with MAC 3D Silver and it didnt budge what so ever the whole night, Even when I would touch my eyes. When swatched on the hand you can rub the glitter and it stays, They both work amazingly well. And you really cant tell a difference.

 I also use these on regular shadows that may have shimmers or glitters not just straight glitter. It works better than just a regular primer and keeping the glitters or shimmers in place. When I  have used the TF I have always just used it under colors, when I use the LA Splash I use it both under and on top of eyeshadows (that is if I am layering glitter or another shadow on top to give it an extra pop) I just feel more comfortable using the LA Splash because it is a thinner consistency and doesn't get tacky as fast as the TF one It gives me time to blend into the other shadow to place the other one on top. I havent noticed any creasing issues with either one of these they are really like glue and keep everything in one place, I also dont have fall out or glitter all over my face by the time I'm ready to remove my makeup it just stays where I have put it.

So really theres no much of a difference in these products that I can tell, They both work amazingly and the same at holding the glitter/shadow in place. The main differences would be price, squeeze tube & doe foot applicators, the smell that the LA Splash has and the consistency. If you dont wear glitter all that much and you want something quick and easy I would say go for the LA Splash. If you are a fan of Too Faced and prefer the squeeze tube then its also amazing. Its really all up to personal preference because both of these products work pretty much the same.

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